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About Clark


if music is to serve any purpose, it’s to remind us: we’re alive and we’re not alone. for me, making it is a sign that i’m alive (thanks for this idea – troy campbell!). for others (and what others’ music is to me), connecting with it is a sign that this big mysterious journey called life isn’t new territory and that whatever situation we’re in – someone’s been there too and made it through.

i’m an eternal optimist and truly believe the best is yet to come in our experiences here on earth. some might say that’s crazy, but i say prove me wrong! we can never know what’s next. a little hope leads to a happier existence and is more productive than the alternative. if there’s a shred of this hope embodied in this music, i've achieved my goal with making it. it’s my intention that these sounds are able to put a little wind-in-your-sails when needed on a still day.

i think of songs as little spaces. they are created to be visited: like a room in a your house, a nook in your hometown, a store on your favorite street. you know where it is, have an experience with it, and can go back to it to wander around as often as you’d like. i hope these little spaces i’m creating provide some refuge, a place to dance, and maybe even a place to bring a friend and eat tacos.



i’ve played music since 2002. i wrote my first song in 2017.

i started playing guitar at the cool age of 10. after i learned the basics through lessons (mastering “smoke on the water” – dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-DUN-DUN), i went to my friend chuck gasser’s house and played metallica and nirvana covers in his attic. i was hooked. we started a band called “addeus” with him and his older brother clayton and were off to the races! we went too hard for our pre-pubescent voices, so it was just instrumental rock!!! (circa 2004-2007)

i joined my first band with a singer at 16 (the will callers, woo). stopped working at mama’s pizza when i was 17 because the gig money put enough gas in my tank. played music / toured with my friend tim halperin for years after that (mainly playing bass). also played music w/ my friend marshall young and we made a record. and also helped out a handful of others artists here and there filling in on bass or guitar (see discography for those acts). i then started acquiring recording gear (microphones, pro tools, pre-amps, etc etc).. and a few friends gave me the honor to produce their musical projects – which i am thrilled to have done (and thoroughly enjoyed doing). i had a few musical projects in college with friends, too, which were tremendous fun.

the past 15 years have been very rich musically. they were tremendous season of life filled w/ exploration and self-discovery. it gave me fun opportunities to travel the country, play different music with a variety of folks, and experience the beauty of chasing a dream (oh and kept me from having to take a “real job” for 5 years, which was good for learning initiative and dealing w/ uncertainty – two inevitables in life).

what i didn’t do in that season of playing for others, was make something of my own. i was scared of what others thought. i wanted to be cool. my time spent also needed some financial return because it was my job. so i simply joined projects that had some “cool” and paid well - hiding behind the comfort of an instrument (or long hair that i miss very much but it’s too hot for it in texas)

but now, i am releasing life is wonderful, an album filled with songs i wrote for myself after a long stretch of playing for other people. I’m excited to share it all with you. here’s to following your own compass!

enough about me… if you’ve read this far, i appreciate you. if i don’t know you, i hope our paths cross one day.

now pour yourself a big ole cup of the music and stay hydrated, my friends!!!


musical plumber

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